Baru Beach it’s a series of portraits I took during my travels in Colombia. While I was travelling on the coast I ended up in Playa Blanca in the Island of Baru, a crystaline water and white sand beach an hour from Cartagena. Reggeaton and Cumbia playing loud in bars, pretty men trying to persuade you with a boat ride, local women hanging around in group and responsible for giving massages, boys on water bikes and oysters vendors that would keep you entertain with their stories for hours and hours .  It’s a funny and beautiful place characterised by the local people, despite being completely full and overrun with tourists complaining about the local people. If your read any travel forum online, all of the bad reviews talk about the uncomfortable ways that the the locals vendors address tourists. The truth is that these people are only looking to make money and of course they see visitors enjoying their holiday as an opportunity to bring food home.